Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pecan Pesto with flaxseedoil

I like how that sounds, Pecan Pesto, and I can tell you it tastes great too. Totally born out of necessity. So, we're having a moving party here. Not that much of a party for me, more like agony with a sauce of stress topped off with sneezing....

But help did show up, yeah!! And when AV nr 1 got moved, I got into the kitchen for a quick pasta. What else do we have. Ooohh, more like what else don't we have. There's basil and garlic, but no olive oil and the bag of almonds has not been opened yet, let's keep it that way, easier for moving.

I like to use almonds a lot for making pesto. Usually I would soak the almonds in hot water for 10 minutes or more, so that the skins come off easily. When you grid them up with the other ingredients, the texture is great to replace both parmesan and pine nuts.

However, no olive oil, no almonds, what we gonna do?

Well, have no fear, flaxseed oil is here! Do you all know about the fantastic health benefits of flaxseedoil?? Go check it out, it's great for breasthealth, and makes you smarter (?). However, to go wild about it, you might need to mask the taste a bit, like n this recipe.

Another round through the fridge brings us pecans. Well, why not!!

So, into the little grinder jig we put:
a handful of pecans
couple of cloves of garlic ( as you like, I like garlic, and the raw one has choke healthbenefits too)
cover it with flaxseedoil
add basil (handful or two)


Pasta ready too by now, so there you go.

Reactions: " This pesto is mean!" ( mean meaning really good with a bite to it).

Well, got some moving to do here. Back later with tasty ways to use flaxseedoil.