Sunday, October 19, 2008

VeganMoFo day 2: more about chickpeas

Hmmm, now that started writing about chickpeas, I find there is a lot to be said. And a lot of memories are coming back to me. This is very nice!

So, here we are in Morocco, eating a bowl of harira in the bazar of Fes, orange and pink remnants in the sky, in the month of ramadan and just in time for soup. Then we are in Amsterdam, backwards in time , making that soup, soaking chickpeas overnight, a big blue pot on the stove, boiling for along time, in go some tomatoes too, onions probably, spices. Cumin, some chili, it''s been a long time. For a recipe, google harira I guess.

Then a couple of years forward to Lisbon, where Katarina baked an amazing sweet pie with a chickpea filling. I should find her and ask to post the recipe. It might just be a portuguese specialty from a certain region.

I see that I have some research to do here! Wouldn't it all look great with clickable links, pics and the facts about the dishes. I would like to make a list with favorite recipes and link straight to them, if that is cool with the bloggers. First, I'll ask.

So now the chickpea takes us back to India. So far I know of two kinds of chickpeas. The fat yellow one ( garbanzo/ kabuli channa) and the smaller one with the brown skin ( channa). I had not seen the latter until I went to India. I remember being very hungry in the morning at a temple and receiving a small leaf bowl with spicy chickpeas ( the small kind) after the morning service. This memory really makes my mouth water right now. I must be hungry. Time to start dinner.

I think I have still more to write about the pea, maybe tomorrow. My husband hopes it will be something else.

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