Monday, October 20, 2008

VeganMoFo day3 : chickpeas, some favorite recipes

Yes, chickpeas again today! I just can't get enough. There is a lot to write about this pea. In case i turned you on by now, links to some favorite recipe will be included.

A couple of years ago we threw some chickpeas in a friends garden. I like testing out my beans like that, whatever kind beans there are in the pantry, put some in the soil. Returning to that garden, she showed me these little chinese lantern like pea pods, who had a chickpea each inside. I was blown away. So were they, for a while they had no idea what they were growing. Until they remembered the pantry planters.

So, now for some great recipes i have come across.
Here is the one with the omelet i wrote about the first day, on Aayi's recipes. It is called tomato omelet, vegetarian ;
that i tried without tomato, didn't have any, but added some raisins instead and a little chili paste. I have never had the original version in India, so i don't know how mine came out in comparison. They were an instant hit though. And so fast to make too.

Aayi's recipes is one of the pages i regularly visit. Somehow my google reader started sending me these great food recommandations of mostly South Indian food. That kitchen has a wealth of vegan recipes. Lots of coconuts, grated, as milk, toasted, sweet, spicy. And a lot of groovy things to do with lentils and rice, like soak'em overnight to ferment, then grind into a paste and make pancakes. yeah. And spice mixes with toasted beans/lentils.

Here's another yummie chickpea recipe, chickpeas in coconutmilk, south india again:

Some of the Indian recipes have to be veganized, but not from this page here, named Holy Cow.
Calling out to all cooks this month to come up with vegan sweets, yumm:

Shilpa from Aayi's recipes mailed me back and mentioned her chickpeas biryani and a way to insert links like i just did. Yeah, i did it. This looks way cooler, thank you Shilpa!

Well, it's getting late , the baby went to sleep, my husband says : enough already. Wat do you think, are we done yet with those chickpeas, or shall i rename this blog?

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