Saturday, December 20, 2008

Keeping it hot in the cooler...

Howdy folks, are you still with me? Thanks so much for that! Just discovered today that everybody replied to my last post, the pecan pesto. Sorry I have not yet replied. But Good inspiration to post something today.

So, yeah, the move ..... still have not completely recovered and at the end of this month we have an even bigger move to make, all the big equipment, sigh.... However, the good thing is that I started using this forgotten energy saving way of cooking. Here is it how it goes:

So, I really like cooking beans and rice ( brown rice, of course). It;s simple, yet meets my dietary needs. I heard that combination gives you the best balanced protein. If I don't eat it one night, I get really hungry at night and the next morning and I feel a greater need to snack around.

People all over the world have some combination like this as a staple. And once you start loving it, there is no end in variation!

So sometimes I make 'em seperate, sometimes all together, kidgeree style, mung beans with rice. And of course, the secret is in the spicing!!

But here's how to do it energy efficient. You bring the rice to a boil, then wrap it up in a towel, then put it in the coolbox. When you are ready to eat, maybe hours later, it is all cooked and still really hot too!! It;s amazing, beans sometimes have to boil a long time, but they cook themselves in the cooler! This is not my invention. Hooikist we call it in Holland, a wooden box lined with hay, or sheets stuffed with hay. Since the cooler is insulated, it keeps things cool or hot, depending on you! Yeah, bye ,bye high energy bills, this propane bottle is going to last!

Also, now I can cook it around 3 or 4, then go surf with the kids and still have dinner at 7, wherever we're at!

Aloha everybody, just remember to keep it level if you put it in the back of your truck and you have to pop start, that;s if you don't wanna spill the beans.

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  1. Ho Ho Ho Sis,

    Nice to notice you follow my blog as well. I try to write regularly, so you can keep track of my hectic little life :) :).
    So the moving went well. (At least, the moving of your little stuff.)
    Where do you live now? (In a house, under a carport, in a tent?)

    For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas! (I always miss you on Christmas....because of our Christmas spent together in..1982?)

    Good luck with the moving of the rest of your things.
    And I promiss I'll eat brown rice more often.