Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our new kitchen.

Here's a pic of our new kitchen. I call it a kali yuga duini, an iron age firepit. It works real well, for it is very windy where we're at.

There's not a lot of firewood, just some pruning branches and slivers of redwood, so we mostly make coffee and oatmeal. And yummie chai. The other day we actually stayed for dinner and made brown rice with sweet potatoes....hmmmm... so good!

In the last couple of years I got aquainted with a couple of potato varieties I had not met before. They make yams suddenly seem rather boring. Before coming here I met up with purple potatoes in Northern Cal. And here I found three different kind of sweet potatoes, apart from yams. The first one is deep purple inside, with a thick white skin that's also edible. I thought this was hawaiian sweet potato, but recently I heard it was okinawan. I had some at the Ava bar in coconut milk...very ono.

Then there's a pinkish one, forgot the details. Then there's one that purple on the outside and yellow on the inside. My favorite! The one we cooked that night.

We are kitchen sharers too, in a "real" kitchen. A new age family experience so to speak. Where me, my husband and the baby cook at his former wife's house for the teenagers and guests. This has completely changed my view on just about everything. Like family, family values (?), family dinners(!), food dictatorship, love, kindness, compassion and equanimity and brought me back to plain old good brown rice with something to eat with it.

Like here, where we had rice, steamed greens, grated carrot/tumeric/garlic salad with some citrus squeezed over, and gatte ke saag. . What i remember is a dough made out of chickpeaflour, oil, spices. Then rolling that into sausage rolls between your hands, then dropping those in boiling water, until they float up again. take 'em out, make a sauce, tomato and yoghurt i believe, cut the rolls up, trow 'em in the sauce, simmer and eat! oh, and give thanks please. Do try this at home!

After writing this I heard of a class at the local library that I hopefully haven't missed yet, about how to grow three kinds of sweet potatoes. So more about that later.


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  2. I will try this at home!
    Once I understand all the ingredients. :)