Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sustainable baby

So, here's what we've been eating lately, yumm! Just knocked off a whole big plate of greens and beans from the garden. Tonight we had: sweet potato leaves, beetgreens, mustard cabbage, bok choy, spinach,swiss chard, radishes, beans and peas.....just like that, steamed with some olive oil and sour orange(thought it was a lemon, but no problem!). I mean, even in the best restaurants around here they cannot top that freshness!

And guess who planted that? Right , our baby girl! Well, she did leave most of the hard work to dad, but in the process of gardening she learned the words "plant beans" and actually started planting them too. She would find a bean, go outside, poke a hole, put in the bean, cover it up again with dirt, well done! I found these miscellaneous patches of unidentified beans coming up all over the place. And now were eating them.

So we have ourselves a self sustainable baby, how very cool . I should share this with Michelle Obama.


  1. sweet potato leaves are edible? good to know that. it's still so frosty here, we can't grow anything under june. good for you that our weather co-operates.

  2. Well, not all varieties are edible, but the one we have, okinawan sweet potato, is. Very tender and delicious, much like spinach.